Individual  training

About the trainer:

Roy Clinton Vreeland III was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in Trenton.  In the early eighties, he followed the oil boom to Houston, Texas.  Once the oil dried up, Roy worked in many different positions before he discovered his true passion and purpose: helping people understand how to get in shape and reach their health goals.  With this realization, Roy moved to Los Angeles, where he had the privilege to work for the largest privately owned health club in the world for over 16 years.  There, not only did he have the opportunity to help people, but through the university program at the health club he was able to attain one of the best educations available.  With that experience and education, Roy was able to open his first fitness studio. 

In November of 2006, Roy sold his studio and moved back to Michigan to help his parents with their own health issues.  Soon after the move, Roy opened his personal training business under the name of fitness First-USA. Roy spends half of his time at the Trenton Athletic Club and the other half training people in their homes, their own gym or his personal studio.  

Roy specializes in teaching clients in a very short time how to reach their fitness goals through nutrition and proper excercise. Unlike the vast majority of personal trainers that work you out, but never show you how to get results and maintain results on your own so that you can save money in the long run. 

Each of Roy's clients receive a personalized workout training book with pictures of the exercises in the exact order that you should do them, so they can track, train and monitor their progress. Click here to view. 


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