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7 Keys to Health and Fitness - To Unlock Your Potential!

1. Nutritional Counseling
    Teaching the importance of increasing your metabolism with the frequency of meals,  
    along with the proper percentages of proteins, fats, and carbs, so that you will lose 
    fat, not muscle, and feel great all day.

2. Proper Resistance Training
    Including proper skeletal alignment, proper physiological range of motion, speed of 
    motion, etc. plus consistent progressive resistance training.

3. Proper Cardiovascular Training
    Learn the right target heart rate for your goal, and how to condition your heart and 
    burn fat as fuel instead of muscle.

4. Proper Warm Up and Cool Down Options
    Learn why it is so important to warm up before your workout and cool down after your 

5. Proper Stretching Technique
    Learn the latest and greatest of all that is available.

6. Proper Supplementation
    Understand why you are likely to need some sort of vitamin or mineral supplement, 
    and what happens if you have a deficiency.

7. Personal Trainer
    Without the complete knowledge of the other six keys and the details involved in 
    each, you'll be just one of many who lose the weight, only to gain it all back-plus 
    more.  To achieve your goals once and for all, you need the knowledge plus the  
    accountability that a great trainer provides.